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#PeriodPLUS, SWiSS's signature initiative, seeks to

increase awareness about menstruation,

abolish laws and policies that unfairly burden people who menstruate,

and provide supplies to those who need them.










In 2016, SWiSS and our supporters donated hundreds of disposable and reusable pads to students at Kyarumba and Garama Humanist Secondary schools in Uganda. Many thanks to the Mitooma Women's Dignity Foundation and the Brighter Brains Institute Inc. for making this possible!



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What is period positivity?


Period positivity is a movement to end the stigma against menstruation and increase people's access to the information and supplies they need to have healthy periods.



Why does it matter?


Menstruation has a bad reputation.


Many of us don’t like to talk about it. Many of us pretend it doesn’t exist. And if we do talk about it, we often talk about how gross, inconvenient, and irritating it is.


There is a collective silence and stigma against menstruation that serves to shame periods and the people who have them. Even though menstruation is a natural process that regularly takes place for roughly half the world’s population, it doesn’t get much positive press. Many people endure in silence the pain and discomfort of their periods without access to suitable period products and information.



Let’s be period positive.


Let’s decide to end the shame against periods and empower every person who has one.



Principles of period positivity


•Inclusivity: Cisgender women are not the only people who menstruate. We seek to include the experiences of trans men and other folks who menstruate, as well self-identified women who do not menstruate, in our discussion of periods.


•Eco-friendly products: We encourage the healthy and informed use of reusable menstrual products that reduce waste. We also recognize that many people cannot afford these products and we hope that one day such products will be available to anyone who wants them.


•Body positivity and sex positivity: Body and sex positivity are related movements that inform how we want to talk about period issues. We strive to be inclusive of all body types, genders, and orientations.


•Economic awareness: We acknowledge the financial limitations that prevent some people from accessing the information and products they need to have healthy periods and we work to mitigate these difficulties.