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Next meeting: Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 6-8 p.m.

Luening residence 2036 S 78th St.

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Please join us for coffee and conversation as we all work together to form SWiSS, an activism and social non-profit group formed to help women from all over the region live their lives as they see fit, without interference from misogyny, harmful religious doctrine or archaic institutional policies.


All our meetings will be child-friendly unless otherwise noted, and we will work to make sure there are safe, clean places for nursing or expressing mothers.


Please contact us if transportation is an issue and we will work something out to get you there!

Upcoming Events



June 9 "Wonder Woman" at the South Shore Cinema


June 14 Charity Bingo at Hamburger Mary's


July 19 SWiSS Business Meeting



Past Events




May 28 Period Supply Drop-off Event


May 24 Meeting with State Representative Melissa Sargent


May 21 SWiss Monthly Meeting


April 9 SWiSS Monthly Meeting (event was canceled)


April 4 SWiSS Social at Mama Mia's


Mar 12 SWiSS Monthly Meeting


Mar 1 SWiSS Strategy Meeting


Feb 12 SWiSS Monthly Meeting


Feb 1 SWiSS Social


Jan 21 SWiSS Roaming Social


Jan 4 SWiSS Social






Dec 7 SWiSS Social


Nov 20 Sushi Social


Nov 2 SWiSS Social


Oct 22 SWiSS Halloween Party


Oct 5 SWiSS Social


Oct 2 Monthly Meeting


Sept 24 SWiSS Roaming Social


Sept 16 SWiSS Rummage


Sept 11 SWiSS Monthly Meeting


Sept 7 SWiSS Social


Aug 27 SWiSS Roaming Social: 3 Lions Pub


Aug 20 Volunteer on the Farm! (event was canceled)


Aug 14 SWiSS Monthly Meeting


Aug 11 Blutenders for SWiSS


Aug 4 SWiSS Rummage Sale August 4-7


Jul 22 Roaming Social: Lakefront Brewery!


Jul 16 Volunteer on the Farm!


Jul 10 SWiSS Monthly Meeting


Jul 6 July SWiSS Social!


Jun 18 Roaming Social: Biergarten!


Jun 15 supply packing!


Jun 12 SWiSS Monthly Meeting


Jun 1 Monthly Social


May 28 Period Supply Drop-Off


May 21 Volunteer on the Farm!


May 7 SWiSS Monthly Meeting (Saturday)


May 4 May SWiSS Social!


Apr 10 Monthly Meeting


Apr 6 April SWiSS Social


Mar 13 SWiSS March Monthly Meeting


Mar 9 BINGO @ Hamburger Mary's!


Mar 2 SWiSS Social: Rock Bottom Brewery


Feb 28 Bloody Marys and Charity Chat


Feb 14 Monthly Meeting


Feb 3 Monthly SWiSS Social


Jan 12 SWiSS Monthly Meeting






Dec 13 SWiSS Monthly Meeting


Dec 12 SWiSS Book Club


Nov 8 Monthly Meeting


Nov 5 SWiSS Officer Meeting


Oct 31 2015 Halloween Party: Goddesses and Gods


Oct 11 SWiSS Monthly Meeting


Oct 3 SWiSS at AIDS Walk Wisconsin


Sept 30 ZUMBA!!!


Sept 17 Exploring the Causes and Consequences


Sept 13 SWiSS's Monthy Meeting


Sept 5 She-Thinker Salon (SWiSS Book Club!)


Aug 13 Planned Parenthood Counter Protest


Aug 9 SWiSS Monthly Meeting, #2


July 19 She-Thinker Book Club Coffee Hour


July 17 Sandra Bland and many Women Vigil


July 12 Inaugural SWiSS meeting.