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SWiSS has achieved a great deal since forming in the spring of 2015!


In 2016 we organized our Period Positivity campaign. In May of that year we ran a very successful Period Supply Drop-off event. Many people generously contributed hundreds of pads and tampons! Since then, SWiSS has distributed your donations locally and abroad:


SWiSS donated 500 period supply items to the Nia Imani Family, Milwaukee’s only long-term transitional housing center for women and their children.


SWiSS provided over 500 period supply items to Sojourner Family Truth Center, the largest nonprofit provider of domestic violence prevention and intervention services in Wisconsin. SWiSS makes regular drop-offs of period supplies to Sojourner.


In August 2016 SWiSS mailed a box of pads to the Brighter Brains Institute, a secular humanist organization working with schools and orphanages in Uganda. When you give a Ugandan girl a pad, you are giving her education; when they can manage their periods, they can attend school. SWiSS also donated $425 to Brighter Brains for the purchase of 85 AFRIpads, reusable sanitary pads made in Uganda!


SWiSS partnered with Street Angels, an amazing local nonprofit that provides food and clothing to the homeless community. SWiSS provides period supplies to Street Angels for distribution to homeless folks in need of this critical necessity.



Partnering with the Hunger Task Force:

At our 2015 Halloween party, we collected 300 pounds of food for the Hunger Task Force. Members of SWiSS also volunteered at the Hunger Task Force farm during the growing season of 2016.